My client, a software and data engineering startup, was looking for someone to take their current, rough brand materials and help develop a more professional feel for their business, complete with templates.

I started with a consultation to learn about their business, service offerings, clients, and pain points. Two of my key takeaways were that their client base is exceptionally diverse, and the founders were cautious that potential clients may be concerned with their age. With this information in mind, I set out to create a brand identity that shows professionalism, confidence, and general appeal to a broad audience.

I took a simple text logo and reworked some of the elements, including a color array that better shows the letters AiQ as a combination of AI and IQ. The period at the end of the Q suggests finality and solutions, while also allowing for growth of the business. The period can extend into a line with subtext for the various service sectors the company plans to introduce. (See brand board for examples.)

Along with the updated logo, I completed a full brand identity with a color palette, fonts, and style inspiration. From here, I created business cards and document templates for the team to use for producing proposals, onboarding and offboarding documents.