2015 SMPS Marketing Communications Awards
1st Place, Internal Communications + 2015 Best of Show Winner
When Harris & Associates transitioned to a 100% employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company, many employees were uninformed of how the ESOP functioned. The Marketing + Communications team launched a campaign to educate employee-owners about ESOP.

The center of the campaign was a board game inspired by The Game of Life and customized to Harris & Associates, a construction management and engineering firm. Players follow a journey that mimics real life—they have a salary, receive shares based on a calculation of that pay, hire new team members, and their actions or the company’s actions impact the ESOP share price in either negative or positive ways.

The box is modeled after typical board game boxes, with over-the-top family fun as the photo inspiration. The Harris Marketing + Communications team modeled for the photo. (Guess which one is me!)
The ESOP Impact Cards show various real-life scenarios at Harris that affect share price. Salaries were small to keep the game's math easy. The pawns were minature Harris pickup trucks.
Employee played the game during meetings with leadership discussing the ESOP at Harris. The game enabled employees to learn about the ESOP and what it means to be an owner in a fun and memorable way.